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Welcome! I'm Excited to Announce My Latest Release!

A collection of chilling short stories you can read on your lunch hour: ENIGMATA - Eerie Bits, Book 1 - Releasing Sept. 29th

Latest Haunted Voices Novel

ELECTRICITY: A Haunted Voices Novel

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Claire writes Contemporary Romance, Women's fiction, & Supernatural Romantic Suspense

Haunted Voices Novels

Supernatural Romantic Suspense

We all have them--spirits who follow us around, creeping up behind us. Hovering inside our heads. Sending tingles up our spine when we least expect it. 

How  or when they were planted there . . . who knows? A childhood nightmare?  During a traumatic life experience? In a past life, perhaps. No matter.  

Contemporary, Romantic, Soul-Freeing. Welcome to Haunted Voices.

Come. Let me tell you a ghost story.



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